Institute of Economics and World Economy

Our unit is comprehensively present in all branches of the Faculty of Economics and Business, from higher-level vocational trainings through bachelor to master, with basic, core, specialised and elective courses. Our colleagues play a major role in the Hungarian and English teaching, not only at undergraduate level but also in the doctoral training. Moreover, through cross-curricular training, we are active in other faculties of the university as well. Publication activity of our colleagues is a form of continuous presentation of their research outcomes. We intend to contribute to the economic development and capital attraction ability of the city and the county through our expertise.

Key areas of the teaching activity are the basic subjects such as economics (an introduction to economics, microeconomics, macroeconomics, and international economics), environmental economics, world economics, international business, EU integration and business law, as well as theoretical and practical scientific subjects based on the initial courses.

Great emphasis is put on ensuring high-quality education during our activities. Our aim is to provide our students with internationally competitive knowledge. For this purpose, we use international textbooks with standard course materials where it is applicable. In the case of business law, we carry out significant in-house curriculum development activities. Our methodological principles include the development of the way of thinking, problem-solving ability and analytical skills of our students in the fields of economics, world economy, intercultural behaviour and business law.

Besides education, the other core competence of our Institute is scientific research. Significant scientific activities carried out by our lecturers are highly recognized by academic communities. Our researchers are able to represent at the most acknowledged international forums of their fields, they have connections to leading national and international research groups and they have been awarded prestigious scientific honours.

Within the Faculty of Economics and Business, we are responsible for Business Administration and Management (BSc) and International Economics and Business (MSc) in Hungarian and English as well.

Head of Institute: Dr. László Erdey, associate professor

Secretary: Már Anita managing expert

Professor Emeritus:


Külső óraadó:

  • Prof. Dr. Tamás Fézer, professor
  • Dr. Sándor Hajdu
  • Prof. Dr. Csaba Lévai, professor
  • Enikő Erzsébet Pergéné Szabó
  • Dr. Szabó János József, honorary associate professor
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