University of Debrecen helps its highly talented students to improve their skills and “capitalize” on their talent in a fremawork of a comprehensive talent management program: Talent Management Program of the University of Debrecen, DETEP.

Our goal is to increase the number of students participating in the scholarly students’ circles and the colleges for advanced studies, and to make services offered by the colleges available for a growing number of talented students. The development of the institutional framework of talent management also involves the improvement of the mentor-tutor system, as well as the renewal of the teaching assistant program. It is also our task to get the instructors, researchers, prominent scholars involved in the talent management program for students. We acknowledge and encourage outstanding student performance and accomplishments that go beyond what is expected in the classroom. With the help of the talent support system, students can focus their attention and energy on academic-scholarly activities.  The university also pays attention to supporting socially disadvantaged talents and ensures they have equal opportunities.

The objective of talent management is to educate the next generation of scholars and train future professionals so that they can be successful in their careers. With this mission in mind, the university provides all the tools and support available for it.

The local coordinator on the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration is dr. Krisztina Dajnoki (

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