Faculty Senior Board

(1) The Faculty Senior Board - consisting of the dean, the vice-deans, heads of academic organisational units, the head of the dean’s office and the deans of predessessor faculties for one year - has decision-preparation, opinion-giving and advisory powers.

(2) The Board is in charge of delivering its opinion about

  • development of Faculty strategies,
  • main issues and principles of human resource management
  • other relevant issues arising at the Faculty.

(3) The Board will be convened by the Head of the Faculty every Faculty Council.

(4) Operational provisions of the Board

  • the Board shall perform tasks related to guidance and information through its proposals and recommendations and thus participates in the preparation of the Faculty Council’s decision making
  • the Board is entitled to make proposals for curricula updates/new curricula, curricula modifications and similar relevant issues. for the Faculty Council
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