Student Union

The primary function of the Student Union is to represent the interests of students and to organise various sport and cultural programs during the academic year. They include highlighted programs such as parties for the students of certain departments, lectures on professional topics, ‘Halving celebrations’, and the ‘Yellowing week’ venues that are organized jointly by the Student Union of the Faculty of Agricultural Food Sciences and Environmental Management, and the Faculty of Economics and Business. Other important events are “Freshman camp” and “Freshman” ball.

Board members

  • Váradi Norbert Chairman
  • Bucz Zsolt Vice Chairman
  • Szikszai-Németh Ketrin International and Marketing Vice Chairman
  • Hadas Dorina Academic and Social Vice Chairman
  • Gila Ádám Cultural Vice Chairman

Members of the Student Union

  • Katona Tamás– Administration Expert of Communication
  • Fogarasi Ádám– Administration Expert of Sports
  • Guti Vivien– Student Benefits Committee Chairman
  • Molnár Petra– Administration Expert of Event Organization
  • Háló Márk– Administration Expert in charge of Correspondence Education
  • Oláh Evelin– Administration Expert of Sciences
  • Németh Kevin– Office Head
  • Rab Zoltán– Office Head
  • Homoki Virág– Representative
  • Nánási Dániel– Representative


  • Faculty of Economics and Business, Student Union
  • 140 Böszörményi Str. Debrecen, H- 4032
  • Péter Veres Student Hostel, ground floor, Student Union Office
  • Telephone: (52) 508-481, (52) 508-444/88481, 88051, 88328
  • Fax: (52) 508-479
  • E-mail:
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