DEX Workshop

DEX Workshop Association

The DEX Workshop (Economics Students’ Workshop of the University of Debrecen) was founded by gifted and adventurous economic students in 2002. They believed that this Workshop would one day become a nexus for young intellectuals engaged in economics; a gathering place within which like- minded students will be able to share and cooperate as they face the challenges demanded by their chosen academic and intellectual life. Today, when around one hundred thousand university students study economics and social sciences in Hungary, it is especially important to gain knowledge and experience that allows you stand out from the crowd. An important option in order to accomplish this favourable position for the students of the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Debrecen is the DEX Workshop. The workshop provides you with the seriousness of a morning coffee, and the relaxation of sharing a refreshing drink with a group of friends. Being the member of a student organization is valuable opportunity.

Contact details

  • Address: 138 Böszörményi road, Debrecen H-4032, Hungary
  • Office: D building 2nd floor V8 office
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Application for membership

Application process for membership is conducted twice a year, in October and in March. At first the applicants are required to answer some short written questions, which are followed by an interview.

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