Hungarian Economic Association Youth Committee (MKT IB)

The Hungarian Economic Association (HEA), a non-profit entity, is the oldest and largest professional organisation of Hungarian economists. The HEA is aimed at disseminating economic knowledge, developing the professional public sphere and representing the general interests of economists. It is primarily engaged in organising presentations, professional discussions and meetings. The HEA’s special library is maintained in Győr. The membership of the HEA mostly consists of economists with a university or college degree as well as undergraduate students.

The Hungarian Economic Association was established on 27 May 1894 as one of the first professional-scientific organisations of a similar nature in Europe. The Association was founded by professors, academics, ministers, bankers, merchants, MPs, farmers, officials, landowners and noblemen in order to jointly seek the ways of national economic development. The HEA is a major platform of economic discussion beyond the narrow interpretation of science. The organisation, which survived both World Wars, was eventually forced to ‘suspend’ its activity by the ever suspicious enemy-seeking regime of the 1950s. However, thanks to more liberal economic thinking from 1957 and the activity of the early reformers, the organisation was revived in December 1959. During the decades of searching for a ‘Hungarian Model’ which attracted international attention the HEA also developed quickly, establishing a countrywide organisation. Following the regime change the extremely moderate Hungarian Economic Association attracted somewhat less attention, however, its role and membership has been growing steadily in recent years. Currently the HEA has over five and a half thousand members and about a dozen different sections, as well as local organisations set up in almost every county.

HEA Youth Committee has also a local branch in Debrecen, you my find them here:




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