The Faculty of Economics and Business is a division of the long-established University of Debrecen. Higher education in Debrecen, Hungary dates back to the 16th century. The Reformed College of Debrecen, since it was established in 1538 has played a central role in education, teaching in the native language, and spreading Hungarian culture within the nearby region and throughout the nation. In 1912 the Hungarian Royal University of Sciences was founded. The contemporary University of Debrecen has been created in year 2000 by the merger of its legal predecessors: Debrecen University of Agricultural Sciences, Debrecen Medical University, Wargha István College of Education, Hajdúböszörmény and Kossuth Lajos University of Arts and Sciences (icl. Ybl Miklós Polytechnic ).

The Faculty of Economics and Business is the youngest faculty of the Debrecen University and the largest one regarding the number of its students. This new Faculty was created by the integration of the Faculty of Applied Economics and Rural Development, with the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration as of 1 August, 2014. As a result, the academic experience and scientific research of these two legal predecessors made up a pool of joint resources that provides a wide spectrum of educational and research services for both students and stakeholders. The educational fields of the Department encompass agriculture, economic, sports sciences, and humanities. The fame and popularity of the Faculty are also in evidence by the multiple academic fields on offer as well as the fact that the majority of our students continue their studies at the Faculty. It can also be noted that a large number of foreign students attend the courses of the Faculty. Most of them participate in English language training, but we also provide educational opportunities for students from all over the world through bilateral relationships and scholarships in the framework of international exchange programs.

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