Institute of Applied Informatics and Logistics

The Institute of Applied Informatics and Logistics carries out its teaching and scientific activities in two, closely related fields, as a unit of three departments.

The mission of the Institute is to contribute to regional economic success through professional training, practice-oriented research and sectoral cooperation, as a unit providing internationally recognised knowledge and solutions, and operating on a clearly defined and image-conscious basis in line with the profile of the University of Debrecen and the Faculty.

The Institute's activities consist of

  1. value chain management, supply chain and network management, and chain and network performance measurement, which synthesise and ensure synergy by building on the knowledge of the following two areas:
  2. information flow deals with operational knowledge such as enterprise management systems, decision support systems, databases and external information management, culminating in economic (business) focused information management,
  3. material flow, which is a dimension of logistics management, dealing with operational knowledge such as enterprise logistics, materials management, transport, warehousing, value chain management.

Our teaching tasks include teaching the subjects in these areas in the bachelor's and master's courses at the University and the Faculty. Our institute is responsible for the MSc in Supply Chain Management and the BSc in Agricultural and Business Digitalisation.

Our main research focus is on the exploration and development of business applications and solutions for the management of interconnection networks and business networks, external and internal supply chains. In this, agro-food and agro-informatics are special focus areas.

Head of Institute: Dr. János Felföldi , associate professor

Secretary: Csilla Katalin Sóvágó, administrator

Professor Emeritus:

Méhesné Dr. Szilvia Berek,  assistant lecturer, (on maternity leave)


PhD students:

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