Institute of Marketing and Commerce

The mission of the Institute of Marketing and Commerce is to provide high-level education, scientific, service and talent management activities that meet international and national standards.
We are responsible for several higher-level vocational trainings, bachelor and master programmes. In our portfolio, there are „Higher-level vocational training in Commerce and Marketing” with two specializations (Commerce and Logistics) and Commerce and Marketing BSc with two specializations: Marketing strategies and Commerce strategies. 
We also offer the Marketing MSc program, with food marketing orientation, adapted to the research focus of the Institute. 
The lecturers of both departments (Department of Commerce and Department of Marketing) carry out their educational activities not only in the Institute programmes but also in other specializations of the Faculty, moreover at several faculties of the University, where they teach marketing and commercial subjects in Hungarian and in English. 
Key research areas of the Institute are nutrition and food marketing, sustainability marketing, market orientation of enterprises, analysis of commerce and trade trends. Our research experience is being continuously embedded into the curricula with the aim to connect research and educational programmes. All colleagues of the Institute are committed to quality work and dedicated to preparing the students for their theoretical and practical tasks at the highest possible level.
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Our journals:

•    Táplálkozásmarketing (The Hungarian Journal of Nutrition Marketing)
•    Tejgazdaság (Hungarian Diary Journal)

Head of Department: Prof. Dr. Zoltán Szakály, egyetemi tanár

Secretary: Renáta Szarvasné Kádár , ügyvivő-szakértő


PhD students:

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