Researcher-academic meeting

The meeting of academics and researchers of the Faculty is in fact an advisory board with the involvement of staff and PhD students in education at the Faculty. It shall be convened by the Head of the Faculty to discuss important issues concerning the Faculty at least once a year.

The meeting of academics and researchers of the Faculty discusses the activity of the Faculty based on the Dean’s report at least once a year.

All lecturers, researchers and degreed staff members, as well PhD students at the University shall be invited to the meeting. The meeting is to be held if the Faculty Council or one third of the academics and researchers at the Faculty request it from the Dean in writing.

The proposals submitted at the researcher-academic meeting shall be considered by the Faculty and those concerned must be informed about the resolution within 30 days.

The researcher-academic meeting may submit proposals to the Faculty Council; the Faculty Council shall discuss them and inform those concerned about its resolutions.

Last update: 2022. 08. 01. 17:55