Institute of Health Economy and Management

The Department of Health Care Management was established within the Faculty of Public Health based on the decision of the Senate of the University of Debrecen on 6 October 2011, and started its operation on 1 January 2012. As a consequence of the structural changes, the former Department operates as the Institute of Health Economics and Management at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Debrecen from August 2022.
The Institute’s aims are to provide knowledge on the organisation and management of health systems and to raise the next generations of health experts. We are determined to train purposeful leaders and broad-minded professionals in the health sector who will contribute to the development of health system and thus of society, and who perceive the call of new opportunities in our globalising world. The Institute lecturers are committed to identify trends affecting the changing global markets and to make efforts to understand the working mechanisms and motivations of the processes that can contribute to the creation of lasting value for society in health care - and to communicate this system approach to their students. The purpose of the training programmes offered at the Institute is to enable for the professionals participating in our courses to effectively meet the demands of the public, business, government and non-profit health sectors.

The Institute considers providing expertise in the planning, implementation and monitoring of relevant projects in the health economics, health management and health law, the preparation and management of tenders in the health economy as its further tasks.
The staff of the Institute is responsible for teaching the Master of Health Care Management, several BSc and MSc courses in several disciplines, including health care/economic management, public administration and law, household economics, public health problems among the disadvantaged, health care systems operation and management, and ethics in Hungarian and English. The PhD course ‘Challenges in Health Care’ is offered annually within the Institute. The compulsory multi-week ‘Health Care Management’ course in medical specialist training is taught by our Institute.

The aims of institutional research are to perform complex analysis on health systems, to determine their operating (pre)conditions, to identify problems and to offer professionally relevant solutions. Key research areas are values in health care, economics in health, healthy ageing, operational characteristics of health organisations, including the pharmaceutical industry; analysis of medicine usage, entrepreneurship and organisational forms in health care; organisational and legal issues in health care and nursing; applicable management methods and systems; management and organisational tasks; peculiarities in motivation, incentives, in communication and conflict management.
Our partners in the Netherlands, Italy, the UK and in the USA are world class research workshops and enterprises operating in the mentioned countries.


Head of Institute: Dr. Kalasné Dr. Klára Bíró associate professor

Secretary: Gyöngyi Gyarmatiné Hadházi, administrator


PhD students:

  • Dr. Nándor Kalas
  • László Mézes
  • Mihály Varga
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