Logos, traditions


The Logo of the Facultylogo

The Logo of the Faculty is generally used on those official papers and objects that are intended to represent the Faculty as an institution. Its special use is regulated by the Dean of the Faculty.


Graduation Festivities (“Sárgulás”)

Debrecen has been training agricultural specialists since 1868, and according to the Annals, the Graduation Festivities (‘Sárgulás’) have been held every year in April ever since. This is a whole week long series of events when undergraduate students celebrate their impending graduation from the university. The campus area and the student hostels become pulsing with life, fun and celebration everywhere: these include different forms of teacher-student derbies and contests, memorial-tree planting, the traditional process of the ‘inauguration of the mug’, and many other events of fun and activity. The peak of the festivities is reached by the ‘cavalcade’, a march across the city on horseback and on carts as the undergraduates say “Good bye” to the site of their years of study.





Halving (Felezés)

Felezés (halving) is a series of events organized by those B.Sc./B.A. students who have successfully completed half of their training period; that is, one and a half academic years of studies. They celebrate that they have succeeded in acquiring the basic knowledge and skills, and now they are ready to complete their studies by acquiring the professional subjects demanded in the coming second period. The one-week long festival is full of sports events, races and contests, parties and other ’fun’ events.




From the establishment of the Faculty, the Faculty of Applied Economics and Rural Development, and the International MBA Network, biannually organise the AVA International Congress (International Congress on the Aspects and Vision of Applied Economics and Informatics, AVA) which include research topics in Applied Economics and Informatics on their agenda. The aim of the congress is to create an international platform for the demonstration and promotion of the scientific achievements in the fields of Management, Information Technology and Rural Development; and to provide platforms for scientific dialogue. The scientific symposium was founded by the Faculty of Applied Economics and Rural Development in 2003 and it is organized and hosted by the members of the international professional network in a rotational fashion. The website of AVA is.

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