Faculty Council

(1) The Faculty Council performs tasks as provided for in relevant laws and in the Organisational and Operational Rule (ROO) of the University. It has decision-making, approval and advisory powers. In addition, it is authorised to adopt resolutions concerning all Faculty-related issues.

(2) The chairman of the Faculty Council is the Dean, in the event of his being prevented from attending his duties, the Vice Dean; on condition there are several Vice Deans, the one appointed by the Dean.

(3) In addition to the powers delegated under Section (7/b), paragraph 13 by the Senate, the Faculty Council

a) brings decisions about

  • the establishment of the operational rules and other regulations of the Faculty
  • the election of the board leader and members of the Faculty Council,
  • the development plans of the Faculty,
  • the use of Faculty resources,
  • awarding jubilee certificates
  • Faculty curricula and their modifications.

b) delivers its opinion about

  • the appointment of university and college professors, granting these job titles and initiation of their release,
  • the appointment for, or discharge from the ‘scientific counsellor’ and ‘research professor’ positions,
  • calling for proposals for dean and vice dean positions,
  • nominations for university and college ‘private professor’ titles related to the Faculty,
  • nominations for ‘professor emeritus’ titles,
  • integration of education department units into coordination centres and bodies,
  • education affairs set forth by university and Faculty regulations regarding the students of the Faculty,
  • reports and accounts about the work of the Faculty submitted to the Senate,
  • issues presented by the Dean to the Council and in matters where, under regulations of the University or the operational rules of the Faculty, consultation shall be held with the Faculty Council.

c) Makes proposals to the Senate about

  • the establishment of a centre/TEK, and of quitting or joining as well
  • the establishment, wind-up, integration or denomination modification of educational, research or other institutional units and
  • the establishment and launch of BSc and MSc programs, postgraduate technical training courses and higher level vocational trainings, or the launch of the latter ones jointly with secondary vocational schools.

(4) The number and election method of the members, the operational provisions and dates of the Faculty Council are specified by the operational rules of the Faculty.

(1) In addition to Section (3), paragraph 39 included in ROO, the Faculty Council brings decisions about

  • the identification of the scientific programs of the Faculty and the assessment of the research results,
  • awarding of ‘honorary associate professor’ titles,
  • theoretical issues of educational work, scientific activities and cooperation with external organisations,
  • principles about international relations of the Faculty and
  • trustee members of foundations in favour of the Faculty.

(2) Delivers opinions about

  • nominations and assignments for academics, researchers and senior staff in the field of the dean’s responsibilities
  • initiations awarding ‘professor’ titles,
  • mandates for senior advisor and head of division posts at the Faculty and
  • personal issues with direct impact on the Faculty or beyond its fields of competence.

(3) Makes proposals to the Senate about

  • the establishment of an affiliated department and
  • launch of postgraduate technical training courses and higher level vocational trainings, or launch of their joint training with secondary vocational schools.
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