The Dean and the Faculty Council can set up permanent or temporary committees in order to facilitate decision-making on relevant issues, such as: education, science, management, economy etc.; as well as for the development of analyses and proposals that require collective work.

The members of committees - in the case of joint committees – are proposed by the president and co-president in line with principles set out by the Faculty Council. Their membership is approved by the Faculty Council.

The president and co-president of joint committees work on a parity basis; their internal rules of procedure are approved by the Dean.

The committees are established for the duration of the term of the Faculty Council. The committee members are appointed by the Dean.

The committees may have powers transferred to them by the Faculty Council.

The competent Faculty leader and the competent representatives-in-office shall play a consultative role in the workings of the joint committee meetings.

The committees establish their own operational and procedural provisions in accordance with the directives of the Faculty Council. These operational and procedural provisions form part of the operational provisions of the Faculty.

The committees of the Faculty Council may establish subcommittees. These subcommittees are supervised by the committees of the Faculty Council.

The committees of the Faculty Council may seek advice from experts to discuss specific issues.

Once a year the committees make reports on their activities to the Faculty Council.

In addition, the Faculty Council may set up ad hoc committees.

Committees of the Faculty

  • Committee on Equal Opportunity and Equal Treatment of Students
  • Students’ Disciplinary Committee
  • Credit Transfer Committee
  • Committee on Foreign Affairs
  • Committee on Quality Assurance
  • Committee on Education
  • Committee on Promotion
  • Committee on Studies
  • Faculty Talent Promotion Program, University of Debrecen

Updated: 2019.02.22.

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