The University of Debrecen has several colleges for advanced studies all dedicated to supporting talented students in their studies and academic work in the selected areas of specialization. Certain colleges are open for all students of the university while others operate only within one faculty.  The colleges for advanced studies strive to make their programs available for members of other colleges and organize joint academic and public events. Heads of the different colleges meet regularly and discuss relevant issues in order to ensure successful talent management, to maintain a high standard of academic work, and to enhance cooperation. The programs and objectives of the different colleges share the same principles while also exhibiting great diversity in talent management at the university.

Ihrig Károly College

The Károly Ihrig College for Advanced Studies is the youngest college for advanced studies at the University of Debrecen as it started its work in the fall of 2015. It is located at the Faculty of Economics thus it mostly focuses on economics, business administration and management related disciplines.

The main objective of the College for Advanced Studies is to prepare its students for an intellectual career suiting for the requirements of our modern age. Its average membership is around forty. Its work rests on three main pillars. Students of the college can quench their thirst for a given area of expertise through semester workshops. Currently, four workshops are offered: methodology, economics of education, business economics, and business intelligence. Besides this all students of the college do research within their own field with the help of their supervisor with a scholarly students’ circle essay as an obligatory output. Moreover, the College for Advanced Studies also provides an opportunity for its members to extend their knowledge while listening to prominent speakers in open, plenary talks.


Address: 4032 Debrecen, Böszörményi út 138.

Kerpely Kálmán College

Kerpely Kálmán College for Advanced Studies seeks to contribute to the training of professionals at the University of Debrecen, more precisely, at the Centre for Agricultural- and Applied Economic Sciences. Its further goals are to build and enjoy excellent connections with stakeholders from the national and foreign labour market, companies and partner institutes. The College is a well-organized, centrally funded talent promotion system operating in cooperation with the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences and Environmental Management, the Faculty of Applied Economics and Rural Development of the Centre for Agricultural- and Applied Economic Sciences of the University of Debrecen that allows students to gain more knowledge in their special fields of study and interest, and to carry out practical research activities promoted by the student aid system. Another important objective of the College is foreign language education and the foundation of an interdisciplinary training for its broad-minded, practical graduates, i.e. future professionals. In order to improve its members’ internship competences, the College organizes study tours both in Hungary and abroad. The experience gained gives graduates guidance about the world of work and for an employment search.


Tormay Béla College

Tormay Béla College for Advanced Studies is a student organization founded in 2002 with the primary goal to support talented students. 1.5% of the students from the two faculties can become members of the College for Academic Studies, following an application process. At present, the College has 48 members. The official program includes a two-hour long meeting every week, where renowned scientists, professionals and the tutors of the university invited by students give lectures. Study tours are organised to facilitate information collection for students. Recently, the members had the opportunity to study an organic farm in Austria. The professional programs are usually enriched by cultural events. The College owns season tickets to the Csokonai Theatre. Four artists and the Finance Director of the Theatre were invited to our college meeting to share their experiences. Visits are organized to exhibitions and expos. We support (also financially) our students’ research work, SSC (Scientific Student Conference) activity and foreign study tours. To date, over 40 students have participated in foreign training periods for six months or longer.