Institute of Statistics and Methodology

The Institute is primarily involved in teaching and application of mathematical, statistical and econometrical methods. Because of the diversification, cooperation partners are professional organizations, local governments, and companies, with whom the Institute actively collaborates in several research and development areas. 
The colleagues are prominent theoretical and practical experts in their own fields. Their outstanding teaching activities have been honoured at faculty and university levels as well. Based on this, several students have achieved outstanding scientific results at competitions, publications and excellence scholarships. At this time, there are several Hungarian and international PhD students carrying out research work at the Institute. 
Our scientific activities include active national and international presence, our researchers have participated in a number of research topics and in conferences as organizers or program committee members.
Key research profiles: Methodology of operations research and decision making support focusing on integrating uncertainty and risks in the informed decisions making process. Analysis of consumer and decision-makers attitudes through discrete choice modelling. Management information systems in decision making processes. Identification and economic analysis of risk factors in the pig sector. Sectoral economic analyses. Participation in decision support information systems development in rural development. Integrating crop simulator models into economic analytical systems. Preference mapping. Analysis of energy plantation efficiency.

Head of Institute: Prof. Dr. Péter Balogh, professor

Secretary: Mónika Varga, managing expert

Professor Emeritus: Prof. Dr. Imre Ertsey, professor emeritus


PhD students:

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